Pros and Cons of Small Group Homes

Not all assisted living centers are large facilities. Some are known as Group Homes, or Residential Assisted Living homes. These typically range in the 4-12 beds and have a more home like feel to them. They are sometimes regular looking homes from the outside. They may be in a normal subdivision as well. Group Homes may not look like large facilities from the outside, but they do share some things in common. For one, they center on assisting the elderly with ADLs, or activities of daily living. And, they are licensed through the state, same as large facilities and follow the same exact regulations, despite their size. Depending on the individual, they can be a great alternative to the large, corporate facilities. Here are some pros and cons of small group homes.


  • More home like, not institutional or hospital feeling
  • More intimate, one on one cares from care givers.
  • Better caregiver ratios, usually 1:8
  • Resident neglect much less likely due to small size of home.
  • Residents orient and recognize their neighbors and caregivers easier, since there are less people in the home.
  • Less likely to get lost, since the home is smaller and easier to familiarize with.
  • Input of the resident is heard, since there will be direct daily contact with the owner/administrator.
  • Usually these homes are more affordable.
  • Communication with family and providers is more streamlined and familiar, due to only having a small portion of the residents compared to a large business.


  • Rooms are sometimes smaller due to size of home
  • There are less residents, therefor less potential socialization
  • Activities may not be as robust, since budget and capabilities may be less than a large facility.

Both types offer the same basic cares, but in very different environments. The individual needs must be evaluated and their input considered in order to make the best decision for their future. Thank you for reading.

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