Eagle’s Nest Assisted Living

Assisted living residences are popular housing choices for seniors who are no longer
able to live alone in their own homes. Residence types include small single-family
homes, apartments and large campuses with array of services to choose from based on
finances, need and desire.

Although there is no standard definition of assisted living throughout the country, and
the settings vary in size, structure and services, the industry has evolved over the years
to include common components including:

▪ Home-like setting
▪ 24-hour care, supervision, nutritious meal options, social and recreational engagement
▪ Services that meet scheduled and unscheduled needs
▪ Provision of care and services in a way that promotes choice, individuality, privacy and
▪ Designed to encourage family (or family members of choice) and community involvement
and interaction
▪ Settings that provide assistance in maintaining and enhancing the physical, emotional,
intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being of residents based on their preferences.

Senior’s Are Living Longer than Ever
Life expectancy jumped by 10 years since 1960, and by 2060, it’s expected to rise from 79 to 85.

The Aging Population Is Growing at a Rapid Rate
In the last 10 years, the senior population has increased by and it’s expected to double from 49 million to 98 million by 2060.

Assisted Living Is an Affordable Alternative to Nursing Home Care
The average cost of assisted living is less than half that of a private room in a skilled care facility-nursing home