We offer a flat rate for every resident, regardless of acuity. For the most part, this does not change until end of life. We are trying to differentiate ourselves from the larger facilities that offer a low room rent to lure in prospects, then use a complex point system to charge for cares and are constantly increasing the monthly rates based on changes in condition. We want families to be able to plan financially for their loved ones and not have any surprises along the way. We also do not want to be transactional in our relationships with families, and we feel this method is best.

We feel our services are unique and set us apart from our competitors. We are a small home so we can offer more one-on-one care than larger facilities. Included in the rate is a private room and bathroom, 3 meals a day plus snacks and beverages, quarterly podiatry visits, in home beautician styles and cuts, laundry, housekeeping, tv and internet, medication administration, social activities such as live music, and protective oversight (24 hour supervision).

Every individual is unique and therefore so are our prices.

* Cost of Nursing Home is much higher than Assisted Living